What our patients say about us

Dr. Tarboush, Khaled is awesome. The doctor and nurses who have taken care of me are always kind, gentle and informative. They always tell me what they are about to do, which I think is very courteous. It shows they understand how uncomfortable it can be to have people rooting around in your mouth with tools. The doctor seems to truly care about his patients and he always remembers my name. Good job guys!


I discovered Dr. Tarboush's office about 2,5 years ago. Since then, Dr. Khaled Tarboush became my favorite dentist. He is not only polite to his patients, but he does his dentistry job in the most accurate manner. His employees are excellent, and Dr. Tarboush's office is professionally equipped.


Dr. Khaled Tarboush is the BEST!! I have seen him for more than 3 years. he is a very professional, and very caring dentist. The dental office is clean. The staffs there are very professional and personable. They explained the procedure thoroughly and the cost before starting the work. I highly recommend Dr. Tarboush.


Dr. Tarboush was very nice and helpful to me, I had very sharp pain and I need the root canal but I do not have dental insurance, Dr. Tarboush was very kindhearted and did not leave me alone, he did the work on my molar and released the pain. I really appreciate what he did to me, he is very nice and does a good dental work. Thank you Dr. Tarboush.